Webmaster has foreseen the benefits of advertising in this method within Papua New Guinea and has developed software exclusively to bring benefits to Advertisers and Publishers alike. As a non-exclusive business, we are open to advertise on a wide range of websites, although we stay specifically within Papua New Guinea, and we can advertise any PNG website* which can benefit from an increase of sales through online advertising.

Webmaster has negotiated space, with specified dimensions, on a variety of websites which target Papua New Guinea. These websites are referred to as

The Advertiser will supply a number of banners (of the same dimensions) which are stored on Webmaster’s servers and filed in an Inventory. There are no limits to the number banners the Advertiser can supply, and each will link to one of the Advertisers web-pages.

As the Publisher website is viewed, one banner from the Inventory will be displayed within the defined space. The display of a banner is known as an Impression. As the page is refreshed or viewed again, a different banner will be displayed and a separate Impression is recorded.

The benefit here is that a single banner gets displayed on multiple websites and reaches a higher audience, thus increasing the chance of the Impression being clicked and the viewer actually visiting the Advertisers webpage.

Key Features

  • Advertise your Website to a geographic audience
  • Pay only when your advertisement is seen
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Improve Search Engine optimisation
  • Real time reporting
  • Create specific marketing campaigns
  • No additional charges when your banner is converted


Webmaster uses a CPM (Cost per Mille) method which charges for each Impression. The key to this is that the Advertiser only pays when their banner is displayed. There are no additional costs should the Impression be Converted (if the link is clicked and the Advertisers website displayed).

Impressions are pre-paid in batches of 25,000 at a cost of PGK2,500 (10t per Impression) and this will guarantee that your banner will be seen 25,000 times. This provides a cost effective method of marketing a website.