Telikom Drops the Costs of Megabytes

INTERNET & Data users in Papua New Guinea can expect a significant drop in their monthly costs following the announcement by Telikom Wholesale to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs’) operating across PNG.

Head of Telikom Wholesale Mr. Wency Noruka, when making the announcement said “the reduction in the wholesale price is a great outcome, with the wholesale price being reduced by up to 33% off the current wholesale price for data”“The new pricing regime will be effective from 1st July 2015, and we hope that the reductions encourage new IPs’ to enter the market”, Mr. Noruka added.

Telikom’s head of Marketing, Mr. Xavier Victor added that “Telikom has made progress in its 4 point turnaround strategy of Network Efficiency, People Capability, Product Innovation and Competiveness, and more agile and customer focused business and wants internet & data consumers across PNG to benefit from the efficiency gains realized to date”

Mr. Victor added “the reduction in Telikom’s wholesale rate should be attractive to Small to Medium Enterprises wanting to develop an online presence”